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    How did the Million Dollar Home Page Get traffic
    How the Million Dollar Home Page Got traffic in the first place?

    Does it help the people that bought the pixels with having inbound links from them or is there a real benefit that they can offer?


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    Emailing friends who emailed friends, press release, picked up by major UK blogs and newspapers, then later hired a publicist which got the word out even more. He blogged about it all since the day it was launched, starts at the very bottom -

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    It was all buzz marketing. He spent about $50,000 on the project, including the publicist.

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    1. viral as mentioned.
    2. as to whether the links really help, i'd say 'maybe', probably helped with search ranking a little, but a million links on a page can't give too much credibility. Now a lot of links from there no longer work, so i assume it didn't help those companies out. I guess a lot of places got clicks from there too, but i doubt too many turned into customers.

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    I think he was just lucky and his idea was original.
    There are several websites who go down that route and never make it.

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