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    Open-Source Applications
    I just found an article on PC World that lists various open-source applications, such as: PDF Creator, spreadsheets, word processing, etc. Here is the link:

    *not sure if I am posting in the right place

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    Thanks! That is a very useful article because it doesn't just list the programs, it actually tells what they do and gives insight into how hard or easy they are to use.
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    I've found this to be a pretty good place to find open source applications:

    You can choose a commercial application and it'll list the most similar open source alternatives.

    Also, searching directly on (Source Forge) can be good, but there is a bunch of open source garbage out there too.
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    Osalt has been a bookmark of mine for years. Great resource, Michael.
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    Thanks for the list. Very interesting indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelColey
    Great link, thanks...
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    Thanks for the open source/alternative links
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    485 is another good site for finding open source tools, albeit with a geekier bent.
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