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    Cool Branded links, evil or opportunity?
    Dear all,

    Consider this: Let's say there was a way to trade links without being banned from search engines and there was a way to pay the affiliates for the SEO benefit? Would affiliates still consider branded links a bad idea?

    I must admit I'm a bit ambivalent towards search engines, they always claim they have the user in mind with everything they do and they are never evil...but somehow they always seems to make a lot of money...

    These days I hardly never use search engines to find information, you get so much garbage. I found A best web by reading a magazine!!

    Yes, I know, trading links would make the search engines of today, even less useful. Maybe it is time for something new!!

    With that said, almost everything I do involves search engines and I dependent on them for paying my bills. Maybe I shouldn't bite the hand the feeds me.

    (I hope I didn't cross a line here, being a newbie and all...)


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    I consider "trading links gets you banned by SE's" to be just another
    >old SEO wives tale< at least from my own experience.

    You just have to be smart about it, like most other things in life.

    Not sure what you mean by "branded link"? Links that pass PR juice to the merchant?

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    Yes PR juice to merchant (branded links was the term used in this forum). The link doesn't redirect via affiliate network

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