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    recurring billing/invoice ecommerce
    I am in the process of starting a business that allows organizations to manage all aspects of their finances from creating budgets, inputing rosters, seperating members into groups, send out automatic recurring invoicing generate reports, etc. and for the members to be able to log in and make their payments through a payment gateway and merchant account, view their financial history, etc.

    I don't want to recreate the wheel here so I am really looking for a solution that involves purchasing code that already exists and modifying/building out the features to meet my requirements.

    The site is going to have pretty much comperable functionality to That is not my site, it will be one of my competitors so I figured it will give you a better idea of exactly what I am looking for.

    Please let me know if anybody knows of source code they can recomend I purchase or a good solution to start building this company.

    Thank you,


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    Thanks, Haiko!
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    What happend? I am new to these forums.

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