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    Question Paypal link question
    I have been searching these boards for this answer but need some help.

    I need to change the content of a paypal button on one of my sites.

    I do not know how to do this.

    Is there a simple way?

    The price has changed on the product and I need to update my information.

    Trouble is... it has been a while since I PUT the button there and Have NO recollection of HOW I made it in the first place!

    Can any of you point me in the best direction?

    Thanks. I hope.

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    I am not totally sure about this....but isn't this a proceedure that is done from your account on the PayPal site.
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    Log in to your PayPal account and look under Merchant Serices Tab. Sorry I can't be more precise, it is more confusing in there every day. All links must now be encoded unless you are using SSL so the links can only be changed on their site. I dislike paypal.

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    If your PayPal code on your site is not encoded (that's an option you have-
    not a rule), then in your code you should see where the PayPal form starts:

    <form action="" method="post" target="_parent">

    or something like that. Look for this:

    <input type="hidden" name="amount" value="15">

    or whatever amount you have entered. In this case, that 15 is $15- change
    it to what amount you want. Don't forget to change the text in your ad to
    reflect it.

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