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    Is Freeware Web Ranking Service Worthwhile?
    I noticed Web Ranking Software during a freeware search, but I wonder if it's any good?

    Has anybody tried it?
    I'm debating with myself if it is worth it to download this software and to install it? Will it affect the downloading time of my web site/pages?
    Is this a good way to check rank?

    Web Ranking Software by Web CEO - Check how Increase Website Ranking with Web CEO Site Promotion Software - Free Web Ranking Service - Web Site Ranking Checker - free website ranking tool

    This is how Web Ranking Software by Web CEO describes their software in their meta description:
    "Using this web ranking software, you just select the search engines that your targeted visitors use, and enter the keywords to check your web ranking. To make the process of ranking checking thorough and complete, the Web CEO ranking software includes the following function tabs: My Rankings; Indexed Pages; Competitors Rankings; Competitors Indexation and Ranking Score"
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    January 13th, 2006
    I posted this 4 hours ago and I see there has not been any responses.

    Hmmm, maybe this is something to avoid?
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    Well you could try the free trial and let us know how it works out...

    I usually use an old tool online (mikes marketing tools), but you have to type in each search separately.

    >>>>Just found an interesting tool at

    You can type in multiple keywords and run them all at once.
    Plus check your ranking in other countries.

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