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    Tips for Kristin & Derrick on Baby Care

    Now that your pregnancy has been announced, I thought you might benefit from a guide on some of the "Do's and Dont's" of baby care! Enjoy
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    Loved this one!

    Even the "correct" method can have bad results sometimes, though.

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    I was sitting in church once watching 2 brand new parents work through the idea behind that cartoon. We were all crowded in the back overflow area during a church service that was cram-packed. Brand new Mom and Brand new Dad were sitting directly in front of us with sleeping babe in arms.

    Act 1: Baby wakes up, fusses and a cloud of baby smell wafts over the immediate area. Mom and Dad panic, using facial expressions and low whispers only; "What do we do?" Mom sticks her hand in diaper just to make sure - see cartoon illustration above. More and bigger panic as she realizes she can't pull her hand out now while inside the sanctuary.

    Act 2: Brand new Dad works through confusion about what's happening, then does know-it-all "No Way!" and finds room in the diaper for his hand, too. Just to prove her wrong. By now, all the young parents sitting in the area are trying not to laugh out loud and trying to create an escape route for them.

    Act 3: Mom and Dad ever-so-quietly figure out how to lift and cradle fussing baby, each using their non-dominant hand, which is the only one available as they try to stand, gather diaper bag, and scoot out of a crowded pew while keeping their right hand under-cover inside the diaper.


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    Lol .. nice .. thanks for the tips .. now I see all the things we did wrong with Braedon .. guess we don't need a baby cage ths time ..hehehe

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