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    Is Affiliate Marketing For Our Business?
    First of all, love this forum, what a wealth of information!

    We are looking at new marketing ideas for our internet service and have yet to take the plunge into Affiliate marketing. What I'm trying to research is whether this type of marketing is ideal for our type of business or not as we do not sell tangible goods or products. Our service provides a group message application that aids in communication amongst groups. Most of our existing customers are any type of business small or large, sports teams, religous groups or any non-profit organization. Our average sale is $100, can go upto $2000 or more for larger customers, and is typically recurring revenue. 90% of our sales right now come from Adwords. We are also planning on offering 25% of initial and recurring sales to Affiliates. I wish I could post a link to our site to provide more information but will gladly provide a link in a PM if anyone would like to know more.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Many merchants sell tangible goods, but others sell software and services.

    If you offer good products, with a decent commission and decent return days along with good affiliate tools, (datafeeds, popshops, etc.). You should be able to augment your sales through an affiliate program.

    Consult with one of the Outsourced Program Managers here at ABW for more information.

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    Affiliate marketing works for anything that converts and can be tracked to who referred the sale.

    If your venture is new, then I suggest you wait a bit to get the conversions up and also learn more about how people are referring organically.
    [URL=]Are these affiliates stealing from you?[/URL]

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    mrl72, welcome to ABestWeb!

    Your product will require its own crowd of affiliates, but as long as there will be websites online monetizing traffic looking for software online, there will be room to grow your affiliate program. Many people sell software online. Affiliate marketing is a viable marketing option for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrl72
    I wish I could post a link to our site to provide more information but will gladly provide a link in a PM if anyone would like to know more.
    Unfortunately, you do not yet have PM privileges, but I would be happy to look into it for you if you e-mail me at geno /at/ amnavigator /dot/ com


    PS: lostdeviant, "datafeeds, popshops, etc" may not be for mrl72

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