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    I'm new here, and totally new to 'data feeds' things.
    I just read a thread about the data feeds and
    found out the merchants provide their product image URLs in their data feeds, not the actual pictures.

    So, if I want to show their products on my website,
    do I link the images using the urls provide in the data feeds?
    or do I download the images to create my own data base, and pull the image out of my data base to show on my website??
    I have no idea if this data base thing makes any sense since I'm not a programmer,
    but when I downloaded some images from affiliate websites, the image urls were not the merchants' but the affiliate websites...

    Oh, and how big are the images?
    Whatever size I see on the merchant's websites is the size that I can get??
    Do they only provide one image per one product?
    (all the merchatns that I have is apparel and shoes department store or private labels..)

    Thank you!!!

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    You use the link to the image that is provided in the datafeed. I think most feeds offer a full size image and a thumbnail size image.

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