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    For Sports Fans - Chris Berman Videos
    Some people like him, some don't but there have been some videos being released lately with some on air stuff, some pretty funny:

    Chris Berman Goes Crazy

    Chris Berman the WINE maven makes a pass (hitting on somebody)

    Chris Berman the Linguist......nice mouth!

    Chris Berman Complains Again... about the prompter

    Chris Berman and how to smuggle Canadian 222s

    He reminds me a little of John Belushi at times. Most of these are 8 years old so people are wondering if someone is out to get him/embarass him or something.

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    Wow, you're right, a few people are definitely out to make him look bad.

    Found this from one of the posters.

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    Ah yeah, it is someone who worked with him. This was linked from the link you just posted. A Q&A with the guy who uploaded the videos to YouTube:

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    I like "Boomer" he is the best and still a huge Buffalo Bills fan. No one circles the wagons like the buffalo bills.

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