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    UniqueRewards - reversed all my commissions!
    hi everyone,

    i'm hoping you can help me with this. i've promoted unique rewards through shareasale and the first time i promoted them they run out of funds and had their account temporarily offline. i contacted them immediately and did not hear from them. as you can imagine, i lost out on a lot of potential commissions and pissed off my list b/c the link i sent them to was no longer valid.

    a few days later they replenished their account and their links started to work again, but they began reversing my commissions. i contacted them immediately and asked why they were doing that, but no one has replied to me yet.

    over the last few weeks they have reversed all my commissions (nearly $200) and they still have not replied to me with an answer as to why they were doing so. has anyone promoted them before and, if so, what was your experience?

    i find their behavior extremely unprofessional and i have contacted shareasale and asked to investigate their account. not only did i lose money when i sent out an email promoting them, but now they have nearly 100 valid leads for which i did not receive any credit. this is no way to run an affiliate program.

    can anyone provide any insight into this and what should my next steps be? i wrote them at least five emails and tried to contact them by the IM name they provided, but no response for the last three weeks...

    thanks so much in advance for your help!

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    Never heard of them, but with these stats, I'd stay away from them:

    7 Day EPC ($55.12)

    7 Day Reversal 220.69 %
    30 Day 39.89 %

    7 Day Avg. Sale $0.00
    30 Day $0.00

    7 Day Avg. Commission ($2.41)
    30 Day $1.20

    Have you tried contacting Brian at SAS directly? He may even respond to this thread as he keeps track of SAS problems that are posted here.

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    Did you fill in the forms for the 100 valid leads for which you did not receive any credit?
    if all the leads where coming from your IP and it's in their T&C your next step should be to just forget about it.

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    I can't even imagine why you'd sign up for this program in the first place.

    1. It's a survey/freebie site. The only thing they're doing is harvesting email addies for the purposes of spam.
    2. Their whois record lists a PO Box in Ohio as the address. The email address is a .ru domain. Probably both are bogus.
    3. The web site is full of leaks. That should tell you that you are not dealing with honorable people.

    Dump their links. They have no intention of contacting you about this issue. Report the matter to Brian at SAS. (Never ever sign up with a merchant until you've checked them out six ways to Sunday.)

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