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    Ok, heres the questions:

    "Is there a noticable difference in signups when creating landing pages for different country groups, for example creating a landing page for UK visitors and USA visitors?"

    I ask this question simply because after looking at the landing pages developed by alot of USA companies i cant image why anyone would want to buy or purchase any software from them! The single paged articles are not only long and boaring but are very inaccurate and turn many people iv spoken to in the UK off instantly yet i get the complete opposite reaction from other country people.

    Before i consider creating different landing pages based on country i wanted to know if others had experience in this issue and how they tackled it.

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    If you target your landing pages to a particular market, such as the UK or US, then if done properly you would expect visitors to be more responsive. I know exactly what you mean when you talk about US sites, the majority of these look like sites we used in the UK about 10 years ago and are not very appeal. I would say do it, but make sure you do your research first as you wouldn't want to damage your current conversion rate for these sign-ups. Good luck!

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