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    Payment Policy
    Here is the DoubleClick Performics Payment Policy:

    Clients are invoiced after the close of the month in which the publisher generated fees. Payment is due 30 days from invoice. Performics agrees to pay publishers no later than 30 days after the close of the month in which we receive payment from the client. DoubleClick Performics makes payments twice monthly (middle and end). This process usually takes between 45 to 60 days (from advertiser invoice to publisher payment).It is important to note that the schedule above depends upon when Performics receives payment from the advertiser. DoubleClick Performics pays publishers after payment is received from the advertiser. Publishers must accumulate $50+ in aggregate commissions to receive payment. Please be assured that DoubleClick Performics works very closely with our advertisers to collect timely payments. We understand very well the strain late payments can cause.

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    Why don't you operate the way, your parent company Google runs Adwords Payments from Advertisers.

    Think of merchants like Adwords Advertisers.

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    Wow. Well, thanks for clarifying that payment policy. I guess I'm not that clever at following all the time frames and ramifications of it -- but my ballpark understanding would be that it could take up to 60-90 days from the time someone makes a purchase through one of my links and the time I get payment. Perhaps I'm way out there thinking as much as 90 days.

    Either way, I suppose I'd better get going if I'm going to do anything from this point with Performics. I've been signed up with a few of their merchants -- and not yet been able to figure out how their links and datafeed stuff work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by perfjamie

    We bill merchants monthly for the previous month's activity. We pay publishers twice monthly. Once the merchants have paid Performics for the months you have earned $50+ in aggregate commissions, you will receive payment.

    For example:
    - You earned $50 in commissions for merchant X in November.
    - We bill merchant X in December.
    - Merchant X pays us on January 5th.
    - You receive your payment around January 15th.
    - If Merchant X pays us on January 15th, you'll receive payment around January 30th.

    Performics makes timely payments assuming the merchant has paid Performics. You will not receive payment from a Merchant until they have paid Performics.

    If you have questions at anytime regarding your payments, please contact

    Thank you,

    Jamie Ross
    Jamie has already post and give an example in the following thread .

    I hope it is the same and help your guys to understand better .

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