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    115 clicks and no money?
    I have had shareasale active for 3 months and sent 115 clicks and haven't made a dime yet! I guess no sales or would it not count the sale if i did not have my w-9 filed?

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    The W9 would have nothing to do with sales not registering. Not enough clicks yet to judge accurately. Are those clicks are all to 1 merchant or spread out?

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    that would be mainly to 2 stores! I have a outdoor store a gold prospecting store!

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    It depends on the traffic you are getting..

    If you are getting traffic from a foreign country and your site is geared towards US market, then it would be tough to generate a sale

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    115 (or even 250) clicks may not be enough to expect a sale. Sometimes you get "lucky" and one of the first visitors buys something. But, usually not.

    If you pre-sell, by describing what is good about a particular product or a group of related products, you will have better results that when people just click on a banner. Also, people seldom buy on the first visit. So someone that clicks today may go back to the merchant and buy something next week or next month or the month after. That's where "cookie duration" is important.

    Good luck. Keep at it and something will fall into place.
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    Some of those clicks could be robots, not necessarily every click that shows in your acct. is a person. The conversion rate depends a lot on your site too and how you are promoting those merchants. Are the merchants you are promoting a good match for the subject/topic/theme of your site is a question to ask yourself. You may want to choose other merchants to promote. You might want to ask for some help in the Site Reveiw section of the forum and get some tips and advice from people who have been where you are now.
    Just some suggestions. 3 months is not a long time to wait under some circumstances.

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    Like everyone else said 115 clicks is not really enough to make a judgment. When it's 1115 then ok. But just keep on going; don't give up. Work hard, watch your traffic grow and then the sales will come.

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    Is your site optimized for the search engines. It took a lot of people linking back to our site before we finally started getting a lot of traffic. Pick out a search term that is relevant to your site and optimize for that search term. I agree 115 clicks is not enough to make a judgement. Just work on getting more targeted traffic to your site and you will start to make sales.

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    It wouldn't hurt to do a small test purchase as well to make sure their tracking is working correctly. If that's out of the question, just hang in there and work more on your presell.

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    I agree with Lanadili: a small test purchase could assist in analyzing the tracking.

    This type of situation can happen in any network.

    Take a look at this thread where a member adept in the use of datafeeds complained about thousands of visits without a sale (LS):
    a lot of visits no sales
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    MM 117 clicks is no judge. I have some affiliates that send in hundreds and hundreds and never make a sale. While i have had some that register a sale for every 3-4 clicks. It all depends on how your sending your visitors to the merchants site.

    Are these clicks that just came from your site or are u using PPC?

    Before you do a test purchase write the am, Ask him for some suggestions. Thats what he is there for. Then make a small test purchase but inform the am so he can follow it as well for you and then cancel it.

    If all you have is a banner up then its luck that your visitor will see the banner and want what it is selling. Does your site relate to the merchants your an affiliate of?

    One thing i suggest is PRE-SELL the merchants product.

    If you want be a great affiliate build a doorway page for the merchant and then use that page to link to the merchants order page. Also then u can obtimize this page for the keywords.

    Hope this helps.
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    Yeah, 115 click is definitely not enough to judge why you haven't received a sale. It also depends on whose clicking on the link and where they're coming from.
    How are you prmoting the merchant and what types of links are you placing on your site?
    I would definitely wait until you have more clicks coming through and would do some analysis on the activity you're receiving.

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    You should definitely hold out until at least 250 on each merchant....I have one where the traffic comes from a top listing in G for the phrase buy (insert product here) online and it still takes around 200 clicks to convert. The product line is also very specific. Some merchants just convert better than others and some products are compared more than other products or merchants.
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    Here's what you do using the 30day stats in SAS:

    Find the amount of the ave commission. If the ave sale is $40 and the comm rate is 10%, then the ave commission will be $4.

    Find the 30 day EPC. If it is $8. Then this means that on average, there will be two $4 commissions per 100 clicks, i.e. two sales per 100 clicks or 50 clicks per sale. So you divide EPC by ave commission to find number of sales per 100 clicks. If the EPC were $2, then you would 2/4 = 0.5 sales per 100 clicks or 1 sale per 200 clicks.

    Keep in mind this is AVERAGE. If most of the affiliate sales are a result of affiliates doing PPC to bring in highly targeted traffic, and you are merely posting banners on a content site, then you would expect to not do nearly as well. And vice-versa.
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    I think you should pay attention to who visit your site and how to find you website , and which link they click most.

    some of my publisher has very good conversion rate up to 12% , becasued they use membership to manager they visitor, track their behavior and promote the right thing to them.

    Some other publisher may only have 0.5% conversion , since they just put the banner out there !

    Gump Kan
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