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    Looking for a used car? The auction giant is getting a nice bunch.

    General Motors just signed a deal with eBay to list its entire inventory of certified used cars. They agreed to list more than 3,900 GM Certified Used Vehicles, each with fewer than 60,000 miles and aged six years or less.

    Kind of weird how this happens, as I would think that the local dealers would want to hold onto them. Now it turns into a customer walks in and if they are interested in a certified unit, they have to bid on it.


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    Interesting concept...

    I think when it comes to eBay, if that car is for auction, it will not be sold on the lot but held in a holding pan for eBay buyers..

    edit: Google it and I did not find much info about it.
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    3900 GM Certified Used Vehicles is a very small % of their entire inventory. I'm sure if a customer walks in and if they are interested in a certified unit, they can do a "buy now"
    or can bid. What's good for GM is always good for the dealer, it's just that not too many people are looking for a USED GM VEHICLE that's the problem!!

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