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    Question SSAID Questions
    Hi all ,
    Can anyone have used SSAID share your experience with me ?

    Here is my questions :

    If I used SSAID function , publisher`s link will include my domain and direct to my site , right ?

    Then my site need to restore the refferal ID , and automatically reconized the visitor is back. Aslo the pixel will be fired when he or she make an order.

    I asked this because if my understanding is right , SAS will help us improve our SEO performance.

    Gump Kan

    DHgate Affiliate Team

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    Hello big,

    Using the ssaid function will not do anything to the publisher's link to your site, it will only put the affiliate's ss id# in the url string once the visitor reaches your site, so your website can parse the information and do whatever custom work you wish to do with it.


    Affiliate Page Link: 10% coupon for a great widget - click here - (

    visitor clicks ( and gets redirected to[???]

    where [???] is the affiliates id# with sas.

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