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    How to track affiliate link clicking?
    I want to build a website that has the same functionality as or any other cash back shopping website. I am good at PHP + MySQL programming, and I'm now trying to figure out how to track affiliate link clicking and purchases.

    I know most people get their affiliate urls from, linkshare, etc. I've looked through the API documentation from CJ and know that I need to pass the SID value (unique shopper ID value) to merchants. I am wondering how to deal with merchants affiliate links that are not through

    Anyone here can give me a hint??? how do you track if a user makes a purchase after clicking a affiliate links?

    I appreciate any reply.

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    Linkshare, CJ, Performics, SAS, and several other networks have this capability as well. Along with a few indies. Then you can get reporting after the order is shipped (usually) Some merchants report at the time of the click.

    If you are not using a merchant through a network, you need to find out if the merchant supports this (sometimes called second tier tracking).

    If a merchant does not support, it doesn't work.

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    I just set this up yesterday for my landing pages. I might be able to help you out, email me if you still need help.

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    Hi LincolnAve,

    Thanks for your offer of help. I do need some hint about how to track affiliate link clicks. Because I am a new user, this forum doesn't allow me to send private messages (PM). I am wondering if you can PM me about how you did it? or please email me at: ivytony @ (@ spaced out).

    Thank you!


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