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    Do Guys Appreciate Valentine's Day gifts?
    My husband sent me some lovely roses yesterday.
    A lot of women in my office received flowers. Even one guy received a beautiful bouquet from his girlfriend.
    When I spoke to my husband, he told me that if I had sent him flowers, he would have been really embarassed and that it wouldn't have been the best thing to do.
    So, here's the question:
    Do men want Valentine's Day gifts and if so, what kind of gift is appropriate?
    (Let's keep it clean!)

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    Yes, a home cooked meal..

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    I think everyone likes to get gifts. It is just not very common for a man to be sent roses at work. Unless your husband is a gardener and/or has commented about how much he enjoys roses, then that wouldn't be the best choice.

    A bracelet, a watch, or his favorite fragrance would be better choices. It might depend on how the gift is delivered.

    Maybe he'd enjoy the roses if delivered to your home instead of his office.

    Perhaps it is best to think of his preferences. It is always easier to get someone something you know they like. If he loves food, then perhaps an evening out at his favorite restaurant would be better enjoyed.

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    They want private gifts, not of the "clean" variety, lol.
    Deborah Carney

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    Heh, I just answered this in istolze's thread. Generally, though, men prefer gifts that are....ahem....more physical in nature.
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    Yes they do.

    I know about flowers though. However I won't stereotype and say it's all about the *cough ahem* either.

    Gifts that are meaningful work well for both sexes. If your man enjoys X-hobby then get him a gift that reflects that. If your woman said that she always wanted a X then that's your clue on what to get.

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    I sent DH flowers at work once when we were dating. He was a little embarrassed. LOL!

    We are both geeks, so we really like to give each other geeky gifts - video games, electronics, etc. Not really romantic, I know. He doesn't really wear jewelry, or cologne, so those are out for me.
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    I've sent my husband many gifts to work, but not flowers. I know he isn't the flowers type. Maybe some men are, though.

    In the past, I've sent him a cheesecake, an edible arrangement of fruit when he graduated, and I sent him a Mrs. Prindables apple yesterday for Valentine's day. He heads up an IT department and his team appreciates that he shares.
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    What Valetines Day Gift I s Appropriate ?....
    Quote Originally Posted by guinness618
    So, here's the question:
    Do men want Valentine's Day gifts and if so, what kind of gift is appropriate?
    Gifts are always good. Esp. food or jewelry {Something small, like a neclace bracelet or watch}. You could have a pizza delivered to his work so he can share it with his friends or a bucket of KFC. {If they deliver in your area}. Almost anything at Colters BBQ works too.

    You could also try a pair of tickets to a sporting event such as the Dallas Stars or The Mavericks. Aerosmith or Merle Haggard is always good too, if he likes music.

    Another thing that may work is a weekend get away at a really nice hotel near where you live. {Virginia Beach perhaps ?} Complete with Fillet Minion Saute au jus and some champange or zinfindel too. Some packages offer messages, lobster, parasailing and so forth. A small cruise perhaps ?

    The best thing might be something you both can share together.

    Hope this helps !


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