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    Angry New PPC Policy
    I received the following email from's new PPC policy:
    Complete New Agreement:
    Affiliates are not allowed to use any pay-per-click (PPC) engines to promote us. Affiliates not allowed to bid on and/or purchase any pay-per-click (PPC) keywords whatsoever, whether generic or trademarked to promote us. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE TO OUR PAY-PER-CLICK (PPC) POLICY. AFFILIATES THAT VIOLATE OUR PAY-PER-CLICK (PPC) POLICY ARE SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

    This is a ridiculous policy . This is another example of a merchant that wants affiliates to engage sales but who handicap us in our efforts.

    PPC is not only a valid advertising medium but one of the most effective means for affiliates.

    Why do they even have an affiliate program?

    I'm wondering what ABW's members think.

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    There are already two discussions going on, including this thread

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    Obviously this merchant feels victimized by PPCSE affiliates. Can we assume some affiliate shiesters have paid 180Solutions/Zango and other BHO perps to pop their tracking cookies on search traffic. Then assume a group of affiliates bid on their domain, company name and other trademarks with and without +coupon on direct to merchant or auto-redirect doorway pages PPCSE links.

    Hey their at ABW so the forced cookie stuffers have them on their list and all cookie stuffers use PPCSE tricks for cookied clicks. This is the only way you can guarantee every click sets your affiliate cookie on the potential buyers system without every having to worry about building landing pages.
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    Adjustments to Our Policy Coming
    As I mentioned in a previous post, the PPC new policy was prompted by abuse of our pre-existing PPC policy. Despite repeated reminders in our frequent newsletter releases last year to all affiliates and one-on-one contacts with affiliates who were in violation of our policy, abuses continued.

    As a business, we cannot tolerate policy breaking affiliates who use our display URL in their PPC ads that subsequently cause our own ads not to display. Itís frustrating, time consuming and costly to deal with abuses and Iím sure any other merchant or policy-abiding affiliate would agree.

    I have always been and will continue to be responsive to our affiliates. Iíve went out of my way in the past to be as generous and as helpful as I can be to our affiliates. I care about of the success of our affiliates because I know how hard many of them work to promote us and I appreciate that.

    I am reaching out to Brian at SAS today to adjust the PPC policy in order to make it fair for policy abiding affiliates and strict on policy abusing affiliates. This will reinstate use of PPC by affiliates. Unfortunately, I canít modify the policy on my own until the Februay 21st, so hopefully Brian will help us get the new policy in place ASAP.

    Iím not perfect folks. I am man enough to change the rules in order to work with policy-abiding affiliates who want to work with us.

    Thank you for your feedback. You have been heard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Townsend

    Iím not perfect folks. I am man enough to change the rules in order to work with policy-abiding affiliates who want to work with us.

    Thank you for your feedback. You have been heard.
    That's all anyone can ask of you or any merchant. When you make a mistake to own it and correct it as soon as you can. Just as when we make a mistake we should stand up and correct it.

    I don't ppc your program, but I appreciate the position you are in and the actions you've taken to protect yourself and to help those that promote it.
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