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    What to do with Parked Domains?
    I just started doing some research on earning money with parked domains and have found a few websites out there that offer the service: DomainSpa, DomainSponsor, GoDaddy, NameDrive, Sedo, All seem to be free except for GoDaddy.

    Does anyone have direct experience making money parking their domains with any of the websites listed above (or any other site)?

    Is it a good idea to monetize your parked domian? or should I just leave it as is (parked with the registrar) until I have the time to add my own content?

    Any advice would be appreciated

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    If your registrar is showing any kind of a "This Domain Is Parked" page that has any links on it - then they are profiting from your domains. So, you might as well pick up a bit of that revenue for yourself.

    I have several domains with SEDO and NameDrive. The other ones you mentioned are also popular with "domainers" (except that the "spa" doesn't pay very well). The only bad choice you have there is GoDaddy - because they charge for a service that makes BOTH them and you some ad revenue. ( I can see their logic in doing so, but that does not make it a good deal for you or me.)

    I have gotten a small check from SEDO every month for nearly four years. That certainly pays for the reg fees for name I have parked while waiting for the (right) time to develop them.
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    Hi Beachy!!

    Until about a month ago, I didn't realize that I could actually make money on my parked domains. I know that there are so many scams out there, so I have been trying to research which ones were legit. Thanks for all the great info!!

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    If you do have some time to develop a little content, you might do better putting up some appropriate text and just putting a few ads or affiliate links up. The biggest advantage of parking at a parking lot is if you also want to offer the domain for sale.
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    Go Daddy
    You'd probably have to have a lot of domains, or a really good one (in terms of topic and length) in order to really make any money. Unless of course you are trying to sell them like DoctorMike said.

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    I own a few hundred and have several dozen at where I not only earn monthly earnings from many listed there but have sold several for hundreds of dollars. Over the many years I have done this it has not be a big money earner but it has more than paid for itself.
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