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    Host For 2 Bucks?
    Does anyone else use Host For 2 Bucks? A friend of mine woke up this morning to discover that her site is gone and the support emails are bouncing. There's no phone number to call. She's really upset. The company's website is still up. Thanks for any info you can give me.

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    Sorry to hear about that. That's why I only trust hosts that have been around awhile and that have decent feedback. And I'd never trust any hosting company that's only $2 per month.

    Well I did once, then when I thought about it I quickly changed over to something else. Hopefully your friend has site backups on her computer. Here's the whois contact info. If I'm not allowed to post that then just lookup the whois info for their main site.
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    Yeah..... I heard so many horror stories when I started that I only go with ones that I think will be around for the duration...... and I always make sure that my domain names are seperate from hosting..... hopefully she'll figure out what happened and get it fixed....

    Thanks again.

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    Wow. WHen a host like that goes in business I ought to put up a website and take bets on how long they last.
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    You would be surprised...
    Hostgator ($9.95/month) is the best if you want something you don't need to worry about.

    You would be surprised what you can find for $2 per month and / or $15 per year.
    Some of these are great situations on very quite servers.
    The only catch is you need to waste money on several bad ones in order to find the good ones.

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    You get what you pay for.

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