Hello All

I'm having trouble with getting a 'clear' LinkShare ID. Based off of the following FAQ at PopShops:

1. Log in to LinkShare.com.
2. Generate a link and grab the code
3. Take a look at a the URL in the link that you have generated. For example:h t t p ://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/click?id=NS2Epm6ZsJo&offerid=80901.10000022&type=3&subid=0)
4. Your encrypted link ID is the 11-character alpha-numeric string that follows "click?id=".
5. Do not include the "&" in the ID. In this case the encrypted link ID is "NS2Epm6ZsJo."
6. Test your link:
Go into ShopBuilder and find a LinkShare merchant that you know you have an active relationship with. Click a product, then click "landing page." If the link goes to the merchant's site, your encrypted ID has been entered correctly!
This should be easy.. but when I generate a link, I see non-alphanumeric characters specifically slashes (/) and asterisks (*)..

Like this: A/UzuM*yBx1

Any ideas on how to get a valid LinkShare ID? If I use the ID provided I get the following error when clicking on a link:

Error 400: bad site code