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    microsoft adcenter or adwords?
    hi... im pretty new at this and i dont have that much money to put into this so if anyone could help with this that would be great... for a newbie advertising a site (not my own site but useing the direct affiliate link) would it be better to start out with adwords or adcenter ? thanks so much

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    Adwords or Adcenter ...make sure that you set a budget. pay close attention to the daily reports. adjust and learn or you will lose $$$

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    I'd suggest trying Google Adword, MSN, and Yahoo and then see what seems to be the most promising. I have some campaigns that do well on 1 or 2 of these but poorly on the other and some that do well on all three. Start small & targeted so you don't get burned -- PPC can add up quickly. Case in point - I spent over $4100 on PPC last week alone!!

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