I don't know how many folks are interested in following the Space Shuttle but it just went overhead along with the Space Station and it was a spectacular sight! They had docked and then separated earlier and it was like follow the leader.

We had rain here all morning and it just started clearing up about an hour before they passed overhead. The sun had just gone over the horizon in the west and the near full moon was up in the east. The pair of travellers was very clearly visible to the unaided eye because they were positioned just right to catch the sun's rays. They travelled along toward the southeast together and long before they went below the horizon they entered the earth's shadow and Poof! disappeared.

They will be coming around again in about 40 minutes or so crossing the North American continent roughly from Seattle to New Orleans so depending on your position you may be able to spot them if the skies are clear and if the sun hasn't down too long ago to light them up.