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    Post Will Amazon Kindle continue to be successful ?
    This e book reader is already sold out ! What can explain this success ?

    What are the advantages of Amazon Kindle compared to Sony Reader ?

    Will the success take the same path as digital music (iTunes)?

    and will this product be the catalyst for books to become obsolete?

    I think that Amazon should target more on young people who grow up with screens and Internet, not only on travellers or businessmen. Besides they're currrently so keen on Ipod and new technologies that it can work.

    What do you think ?

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    It's about time for this type of product. The world has needed it for a long time. We need to move away from paper and leave those trees where they are. I know it takes energy to run these, so there's a certain argument there, but really - it's about time.

    So, I'm not sure which is better. It's like VHS v Beta (yes, showing my age). Blueray vs HDDV. Standards will emerge, they always do. And I can't wait.

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    Checkout posting about Kindle here

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