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    A Question on Merchant Ethics in Working with Social Networking Affiliates
    So I have a profile at Facebook, as many of us do.

    I'd like the ability to display some of our featured products in my profile, or no our company page there.

    I don't have the resources to create facebook apps myself, so I go out and look for ways to accomplish this.

    Do we feel it's wrong for me to use one built by an affiliate on my own profile?

    Does it make a difference whether or not that affiliate actually gets commission on these sales?

    How do we feel about these issues?
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    Do we feel it's wrong for me to use one built by an affiliate on my own profile?
    I don't know about "we" but *I* think this way:

    IF you get that affiliate's permission (and he knows any pertinent facts, like if he won't get any commish from it), then fine. Even if it's being offered "free" you should still get explicit permission, not only to keep that particular affiliate from getting mad when the unexpected implementation happens, but to douse flames that come from others.

    Personally, if I was that aff, I'd spit nails if I saw something like that! But, he/she may not have any problem with it...after all--I wouldn't put a tool out that other affs (let alone the merchant) would be using to compete against me with, in the first place!

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    If an affiliate found a keyword combination that just lit up the sales register, would you begin to use the same keyword combination? Would you even ask?

    Some merchants would, some wouldn't...

    I see very clever affiliates, doing incredibly clever things, and it is sometimes difficult to not imitate their efforts.


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