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    Brand new user questions.
    Hello to everyone. Brand new Popshops user here. So far I have a few shops up and working.

    Some questions.

    1. I am using autofeed. However I find that the products displayed by autofeed bear no relationship to those I have selected myself. I have a page of anniversary gifts and autofeed seems to be showing dog paintings.

    Is there some way I can specify by keywords what I want autofeeds to show?

    2. I find that the prices are wrong on my Popshops page. I have just looked at a few items.

    Item 1. My shop shows $2805, the merchant shows $3069.
    Item 2. My shop shows $357, the merchant shows $391.

    I think it's unlikely people would buy when they see one price in my shop and get another at the merchant. Why are the prices wrong?

    (Hmm, a little later. I just had a look more closely at products in one of my shops. When I click through to the merchant the product is either shown at the merchant as sold out, though is still shown as available in Popshops, or else the prices are wrong. I had to remove almost half my products from my shop.)

    3. Is there some way to categorise my shops? I would like to make small shops to go with blog posts. So I may end up with dozens or hundreds of shops, and they will become very hard to manage in my drop down list.

    Is there some way to set up categories so that I can file my shops under categories so it is easier to manage?

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    for No. 3 you might consider using a naming convention. I use two or three letters to denote the site followed by a _ then some letters to specify which page (followed again by a _) then maybe a shortened name for the source merchant.

    I haven't done pages with more than one merchant yet. This keeps all the pages for a site together in the list.

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    AutoFeed uses the keywords and merchants that you used when you built your shop to pick more products from it. Before I go into this, however, we have a new Autofeed feature that will allow greater control that I'll talk about in a separate post.

    If you find wrong prices, that's what's in the feed. Feel free to send me a note with details:


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