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    Will Overture EVER update their keyword inventory search?
    This is probably a stupid question (I'm good at those), but does anyone know if Overture (Yahoo) ever plans to update their keyword inventory database? The one you search at

    Yeah, I know there are paid keyword search things, but it is nice to have a free alternative and this one is a full year out of date!

    Given that the answers will probably range from "I don't know" through "probably not" to "stop being a cheapskate and treat this like a business!", what keyword search service would people most recommend?

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    January 18th, 2005
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    I haven't even been able to get the site to connect in months. It always times out.
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    Doesn't look like it bothers them. It has been down for months.


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    It may be updated when they become Microsoft. Barring that, I would not hold my breath. But good luck.
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    Ya I'm not holding my breath either. Besides there is so many better tools available now.

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