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    Make money from spammers
    The last few weeks I've been getting some awesome spam that is coming through my triple layer spam firewall system.

    I'm really impressed by this person and have even given them their own folder where I am dropping in all his "under the radar" spam.

    When I follow the garbled offer link, it goes to his site then on to an affiliate network and then to the "money site" for a CPA lead gen offer.

    So the aff n/w is paying the spammer and they get paid by the merchant.

    It's got me thinking...

    Has anyone looked at giving up on detecting spam, and instead welcoming it by following the money trail and somehow making $ from the network and merchant involved?

    I don't know how this would work, but just trying to take a different approach to this. If we could somehow make money from this stuff, it might be short lived but then we'd be no longer getting spammed.

    e.g. creating some sort of bounty system or aff n/w rating system where the n/w pays us victims to out the spammers, and in so doing they get higher respect and more honest merchants signing up with them etc.

    Any comments? Is this old news?

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    Well, I think you'd have a hard time making money at that when there are so many people who'd be willing to out the spammers for free.
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    Move to Washington state and do what these guys do...

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    Sounds like a big hassle, but if you can do it more power to you.

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