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    "I wonder if they are targeting ....sites."
    Could anybody explain me how it is possible for parasites to have targeted popup on websites? I wanted to ask this on another thread but could not.


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    One way is if their software "looks for" certain keywords on a site. For instance, if it's a loan site, there may be words like "loans," "home equity," or "interest" present. When the software picks up the keywords--Pop! goes a mortgage company ad.

    Another way they can do things like that is to just have a bunch of URLs entered into their database and then Pop! goes the ads if the surfer goes to one of those sites. When you see people complain that "they complained about parasiteware, and now their site is covered with parasite ads"--that would most likely come with a URL-based program (provided the para really entered the opposition's URL into their list).

    There may be other ways I don't remember, too.

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    Do I understand that right:
    1. e.g. the MMM contains a filter where it filters every website I am surfing, and if there is a trageted keyword in that site, it pops up.
    2.If they find my site interesting for them they put the url in a database ( something like a hosts-file) and everytime the surfer comes to that site it pops up.

    And does that mean that the surfer and the affiliate pays for the usage of those programs? Bandwidth, lost ram etc?


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    The MMM does not operate that way.

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