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    Newbie question re: Where aff links can go
    I wasn't sure where to ask this, hope this is ok! (since most of my merchants are from CJ)

    I was wondering if it was ok to use aff links in other online places besides my website. For example, I have an art & decor site, so I joined Curbly. I was posting in my blog there the latest 'art/decor feature' on my site, then got to wondering if I could do a post directly on my Curbly blog as I would on my website.
    I don't know if this is an individual merchant question, but thought I would start here!

    Thanks for any help,

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    As long as it is your blog and the company that hosts the blog doesn't have any rules against posting affiliate links, you should be okay.

    What is not cool is posting your links in somebody else's blog or forum without prior permission from the owner.

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