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    What is the point of doing this?
    Ok, so I see some affiliates doing promotion through their own url but just having the same exact landing page as the advertiser im just wondering why they would not just redirect the link to the affiliate vs making the exact same landing page and getting a new url?

    Or do they just have that and do something with url?

    Just wondering what the benefit is?


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    I don't think there is a point and it sure is a hard way to succeed. The point of affiliate marketing is to create credibility for the merchant. This doesn't help anyone.

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    what I have been learning
    People are telling me not to use the same url as the main affiliate link because that is the same as everyone else's and you get lost in the process.
    So there is a school of thought that says market yourself or your information first and then after you have credibility, add the products you want to sell.
    But it seems to me that if you do that, and just send them on a redirect to the main affiliate page you have missed that point as well. Hm.
    I do both and neither.

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    Thanks for the info everyone! Good luck!

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