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    what good merchants does SAS have???
    I tried so hard to find some good merchants like KOHLS, target, etc on SAS but their search functionality seems to be very sucky. I got zero results every time I search. I am wondering what good merchants SAS has?? anyone can give me a brief guide??

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    Good Merchants? Or well known merchants? There are a number of ways to search but merchant name isn't one of the best, the most results you could get would be one. Most of the big-box stores are on CJ and Linkshare, not SAS. Here it is better to find products you want to promote and then sift through the results to decide which to work with. Or go to the Top 100 list.

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    I'm afraid that "choosing merchants and products" is a time-consuming process that represents valuable information for affiliates. Very few folks will share information about which merchants "produce" for them, because most of us have spent lots of time and money testing many merchants and products, and therefore we seek to protect that information.

    You can certainly use some of the tools that SAS provides, such as the "Power 100" rankings, the EPC figures, and how recently the merchant's datafeed has been updated. However, your mileage will vary.

    Large retailer chains don't use ShareASale, in part because their decision process requires a complex sales process that favors vendors like Commission Junction, LinkShare, and Performics, who have large sales staffs (and higher fees). However, I don't view this as a problem because I don't view large retailer chains as likely producers for me as an affiliate: why would I promote products from Target or Kohl's, when I know that most people can just go to those local stores to buy most of those products without earning me any commission? In addition, most of these large-chain retailers have very low commissions and very short cookie durations.

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    Shareasale has some fantastic, quality merchants.

    Everyone else has already made good comments & suggestions...
    I'd also suggest clicking the link in the shareasale interface for
    "view and search merchant list" and then
    "basic keyword search"
    and then doing very general searches for products you'd like to promote, i.e. "widget" or whatever type of product fits with your site.
    I hope you find some that would be a great fit!

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    Here it is better to find products you want to promote

    Running coupon sites for about 4 years, I have had little success with SAS.
    But I have had some success with other kinds of sites.

    I think to be successful w/SAS you need to be more product oriented than site oriented.

    For ex.
    10% off at -----(not so good)
    10% off (some product you cant get at target or kohls)---- (better)

    just my 2c.
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    That's an interesting insight, simcat. Thanks for posting!

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