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    Concatenate Columns to create an email
    I'm trying to create a clickable email column that is automatically populated from two other columns.
    Code currently used to create the email

    =J11&"."&I11&"" [J11 is First Name I11 is Lastname]

    The problem I have is when I go to copy the cell or click on it I get =J11&"."&I11&"" as the actual value instead of what I see which is
    Google search is proving to be a waste of time.

    any help would be great

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    Excel's format is
    =Concatenate( text1, text2, ... text_n )

    so you want to change
    =J11&"."&I11&"" [J11 is First Name I11 is Lastname]
    =Concatenate( J11, ".", I11, "")

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    To create a hyperlink you can use the =hyperlink(link_location,friendly_name) function.

    In your example it would look something like this:




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