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    So Blu-ray Won, Beat HD DVD
    I was holding off to see what would happen, Blu ray vs. HD DVD, was like the battle back in the day between Betamax vs. VHS. So Blu-Ray won -

    "Toshiba Corp. announced Tuesday that it was throwing in the towel after Blu-ray won crucial support from leading Hollywood studios and large US retailers.

    The decision banishes HD DVD to the way of Betamax, the relic once marketed by Sony Corp. that lost out to JVC-developed VHS as the standard for videocassettes in the 1980s."

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    ...Just when you think you've caught up to technology, it bypasses us again. *shrugs*

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    Take off eh?
    And lost in all this is the Xbox. I remember them stating they would not offer blu-ray support. One would think they would change their stance now, but I haven't heard anything yet.
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    I suppose that would explain why a few days ago I received an email from the Discovery Channel Store affiliate manager with the 'new' promotion:

    "Affiliate Exclusive: Planet Earth HD DVD Set for $29.95! " <- Normally costs around $80
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    Did the best format win?

    Betamax was better than VHS

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    I personally like Blu Ray better. I have a blu ray burner and it's nice having the 25GB rewritables. I have already started buying blu ray movies and while they "seem" clearer and the sound is a bit better unless you have the extra hardware to support all the extra features (such as a damn good sound system) most people won't see much benefit.

    I do look forward to TV shows being put on them. As you can basically put an entire season of a show on a single disc instead of having to have 3-4 discs.

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    I'm glad my HD purchase was just the XBox HD player, cost 10% of the cost of a full on HD player. I was holding out buying a full player till the format war was won and the prices dropped a bit


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    My oldest son will be happy. He's been telling me Blu Ray would be the leader, or at least he hoped, and I'm sure he is trilled this has happened.

    Me...I have no idea what Blu Ray techonolgy is. I just bought a 42 inch panel tv and can't believe there is any better quality than the HD we get now.
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    Maybe now we will be able to get Transformers, King Kong, the Borne series and other great HD DVD movies on Blu-ray.

    I went with Blu-ray, even though there were some advantages with HD DVD, such as a superior codex and lack of regional encoding.

    Visually, they look pretty much the same, but the Blu-ray disks tend to have more problems than the HD DVD disks.

    The prices really need to come down before any of this will take off. I'm still buying mostly standard DVDs because the upconverting on my Blu-ray player really works well.
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