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    My affiliate site has alot of relevancy to my Keywords and ads with Google but my Quality score is bad it most of my kewords. Adsbot-Google Robot visited my site yesterday. I've recently added a Contact Page, with My e-mail and Home address, phone number and a Pirivacy Policy, Site map, General Terms of Use pages in hopes of getting my Quality Score improved. My Question to anyone who might know how is how long after a visited will it take for a score to improve? anyone help would be great.


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    Kevin, I have no idea about the answer to your question. BUT I just wanted to say- and I hope you take this in the friendly & helpful spirit in which it is intended- there are major privacy concerns regarding publishing your home address online. It's relatively inexpensive to get a mailboxes etc box if you want to publish an address, or at the very least a PO box.

    Sorry to not be of more help regarding your actual question. I don't do much PPC...

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