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    February 24th, 2008
    PayPal PDT System
    Looking for information and assistance wrt implementing paypal's payment standard and pdt system.

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    February 27th, 2008
    PayPal standard and PDT
    Hi Beazer,

    I am new to Abestweb, but I just finished implementing Paypal Standard and PDT on my site. It was rough to implement, but works great now. If you host your site on GoDaddy, please be aware that the PDT code will have to be further adapted to communicate with their servers.

    Anyhow, here are some basic resources for help on completing the tasks:

    Standard implementation guide:

    PDT integration center:

    If your host is GoDaddy, you will have to add this line of code to the PDT script on your thank you landing page, otherwise the data will not transfer:
    $header .= "Host:\r\n";

    Hopefully, PayPal will update their support information to reflect that last part. It took me days and days of searching developer forums and messing with the code before I figured that one out.

    Let me know if you have any specific questions.

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    February 24th, 2008
    PayPal PDT and ShareaSale
    Thank you very much for the info. And yes, I know what you mean wrt the "days and days". This stuff ought to not be that complex, IMO.

    Unfortunately I'm not on GoDaddy, rather a hosting service named of all things: Hurricane Electric out here in Fremont, CA.

    They look like a very capable outfit though, pretty large facility and customer base so I don't have any issue with them vs anyone else.

    They provide servers running Windows and FrontPage Server Extensions and that is what we are using....I know, don't laugh. ;-) I am trying to help a friend whose original guy flaked out on him and he chose to use FrontPage so I'm stuck for now.

    I do know that somewhere along the line there seems to be an ASP VB Script involved but I have not been able to confirm that, much less find it. The of course there will be the issue of exactly where in our existing code to insert the script. Sounds simple enough but try and find that info.....not so easy trust me.

    I keep being told by the techs at ShareaSale that there are tons and tons of merchants who have solved this issue but I cna for sure tell you that they are not falling from the trees with responses.

    So any way, if you have additional info or contacts who I could correspond with, that would be really great!!



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    February 27th, 2008
    PayPal Developer Forum
    Well, I am using PHP, but here is the forum that helped me out:

    I'm sure you can find someone there to help you with your specific code issues.

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