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    Is Google drunk?
    I confess the title is from a post I read on an unrelated forum.. but it now seems to fit!

    One of my sites dropped from google when "by accidentally" (to quote a 5 year old I know!) I deleted the meta-tags. I put them back the following week when results dropped like a stone.. and have been waiting ever since for the home page crawl (10 days now, longer than usual). In the meantime, sitemap shows 30k of 70k indexed urls.

    The good rankings came back yesterday, but google was just teasing... they're gone again.

    It's a waiting game, sure, and I have no issue with that, but I have noticed search results all over the map. I know all about the google dance, PR, etc etc.. but this just feels weird.. almost like google is purging the internet & bringing it all back in..

    Anyone else notice strange happenings..?

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    I replaced 5 lousy pages and did htaccess redirects so the traffic could continue. Google gave me WARNING about having "too many redirects". I tried to remove the old URLs from their index but they refused because I didn't put up new "noindex" metatags. They seem to be crawling while I'm updating pages so they catch half of the change but not the rest in the sitemaps. Makes one sorry they tried to do things right. The same thing that happened with your metatags happened to me the week before Christmas when I updated the main page for a different site. They make you check everything 15 times before you make a change...but I don't see this as new. Sometimes just unfortunate timing.

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    Where did you get your "warning"? Was that in the webmaster tools that you saw that or by email?

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