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    Unhappy Another ACH Deposit Not Received (02/20/08)
    The last ACH direct deposit still not in my bank. (My previous post about a 2006 ACH, was eventually fixed, by Brian sending a check) . Please Note I have a USA bank account on file, and always have, but the deposits do not arrive. Last entry in stats says "Payment 1/1 - 1/30 Commissions - ACH Deposit Sent february 20" . But NO SHOW (ID 9018)

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    It has happened to me one time in the past that my bank had it's routing number changed, so be absolutely certain you have your current bank routing number on file with SAS. Since you are having a problem, don't just go by what is at the bottom of your check -- my suggestion is to actually call your bank to confirm. That would explain why the money is not getting to you in a timely fashion.


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    Can someone from the company please reply about this commission (ACH direct deposit) not being paid.

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    If you open a Help Ticket they will respond to your specific case, but they usually don't respond to specific cases in the forum. It could involve personal information they don't wish to share.

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