We have an email service that we would like integrated into cPanel. There will need to be several levels of integration. Using the way it is set up at Host Gator's shared servers as an example, it would need to be integrated at:
1. The top WHM/Box owner
2. The WHM reseller
3. The actual cPanel for each domain/client

Our services support n-level sub-resellers, so each level here must decide and define if they want to resell the service themselves to their clients or if they will allow the clients to buy directly from us. A few examples:

1. If the box owner (1) want to resell to the clients then all services created by the WHM reseller (2) will be under the box owner’s account with us.
2. If the box owner (1) does not want to resell the service, then the WHM reseller (2) account will be with us directly.

I'm sure that you will have many more questions before we can begin, so please fell free to contact me and we can take it from there.

Pricing: we are open to either a fixed bid or revenue sharing option.

Contact Info:
Alon Cohen – alon.y.cohen @ gmail.com