I was looking through webmaster tools at inbound links on G and found a really odd link from a .gov domain. I visited the URL and found that the link was in comment spam targeting the term "Ricky Roberts". Comment spam is not part of my marketing toolbox and I don't hire out for marketing, SEO, etc, nor would I ever target such a strange keyword, so I'm really curious how and why the link showed up.

My initial theory is that somebody was testing a comment bot and sprinkled random URLs all over the place. I mean if it was malicious spamming, or Googlebombing, why "Ricky Roberts"? Same question for the idea of an affiliate spamming the wrong URL, the link text doesn't make sense.

Any ideas?

I've only seen the one link, but as rare as it is to not have nofollow tags on anonymous comments, this could be the only one Google picked up. There's another possibility; someone using a bot to look for sites that allow anonymous comments without nofollow tags.

Run the bot, wait three or four weeks and search for the random phrase of the day. Any results without the word in the title or description are ranking based on links pointing to them with that phrase. Find the link and they find a site open to comment spam...

Okay, I'm rambling.