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    February 17th, 2007
    decrease in traffic?
    I'm advertising some product with adwords for about a month now,
    and since yesterday I'm seeing a big traffic decrease, although I didn't make any changes to the campaign, and my ads decreased maybe in one position (in the ad positions in google results) for the most....

    I'm not from the U.S so I'm wondering if there is something going on there right now like some sort of vacation or something similar that could be the casue for this traffic decrease?

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    >>>although I didn't make any changes to the campaign

    Check to see if Google made any changes.
    Check for every keyword.

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    What kind of decrease? 20%, 50%, 80%. And what kind of traffic? Are you talking about going from something like 2000 a day to 200 or more like 50 down to 20? Don't know the product which might be a factor and I know it's usually something people don't want to give up. And it did go down a position, not sure how much that would affect it. So not enough information.

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