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    New Communication Preferences Option
    We've developed a recruiting feature for our advertisers so they can find publishers in our network based on your EPC, network rank, tenure in the network, etc. In order to be found, you must opt in on your communications preferences page to receive "Non-Joined Advertiser Opportunities". Doing so will enable advertisers to find and contact you directly at the primary email address associated with your account.

    All publishers are opted out by default, so we are requesting that you update the page if you would like to hear directly from our advertisers.

    We'll be sending out an email announcing the feature on Monday, but I thought I'd get the word out early. Let me know if you have comments or suggestions.

    Larry Adams
    Affiliate Product Manager

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    Hi Larry,

    I'm doing some copying and pasting from the performics blog

    Unless advertisers are actually able to see that an affiliate has multiple websites with different niches ...... it's a waste of time for everyone concerned as far as recruitment by merchants looking for new affiliates. This is extremely true for affiliates applying to merchants.

    I have been told by Performics to change my primary URL "every time" when I apply to merchants to make sure that they see the proper website. Even though we can enter multiple websites in our account profile via the "publisher site description" .....merchants can't see those sites when you apply.

    At the moment I have my plus size clothing site listed as my main site and will have to wait until merchants approve me before I can change my main website to apply to merchants for the next site. That's absurd! If a merchant delays in their approval process and I change my main site to a fishing site ..... do you think the plus size clothing merchant will approve my fishing site into their affiliate program?

    Ironically I was declined by Cabelas a long time ago when I had my magazine site listed as my main site ..... I'll have to get that corrected some day.

    Posted by: Larry Wentz | March 03, 2008 at 12:15 PM

    your response -

    Larry, I'd suggest you update your profile to include all of your URLs and leave your primary URL alone. We recently updated the site description on your profile to accept HTML so you can link to as many of your sites as you'd like. But we'll also consider adding additional URL fields as well. I also highly recommend maintaining a page that highlights all of your affiliate sites so that you can direct interested merchants to it. I've seen several publishers use this tactic and it is very well received by merchants evaluating their applications.


    Posted by: Larry Adams | March 03, 2008 at 12:52 PM


    my response -

    I've had my URLs listed in the site description area and thought merchants I applied to could see them. They apparently "can't" see those sites which is why Performics told me to change my primary URL when I apply to merchants for different sites. I was told directly from a merchant that they could not see my other sites that I had listed - only the primary site.

    So which is it? I'm getting mixed advice from Performics which doesn't solve the problem. I'm currently waiting for my plus size clothing merchants to approve me before I can do anything else due to the current set-up.

    I don't want to be rude here but the only reason affiliates need to have pages listing all their websites are for affiliate networks that think affiliates have only 1 website ........ even 3rd tier affiliate networks nowadays have that multiple website option.

    Posted by: Larry Wentz | March 03, 2008 at 06:29 PM


    your response -


    I'm sorry for the confusion. Advertisers can in fact see your site description. I'll send you an email to get more details on this specific case. But we'll also do some training of our customer support team and our advertisers to ensure they know where to find this information.

    We'll also look into making this info more prominent so that you won't run into this problem in the future.

    Thanks again for your feedback.


    Posted by: Larry Adams | March 03, 2008 at 07:31 PM


    Ok .... I guess I haven't heard back from you and I also sent an email request to the affiliate@performics addy a couple days ago to reset my status to Cabellas to "unapplied to" from the current "declined" status as I would like to have them listed at my fishing lure site. (Nothing has happened there)

    I really want to know what is what as Performics is giving me mixed advice on whether merchants actually are able to see if an affiliate has multiple sites rather than just their primary site. If a merchant/advertiser has to be trained to find this information than your system is flawed .... that is obvious. I still have my plus size clothing site listed as my primary at the moment as I await for approval from merchants I have applied to .... tick tock (time wasting).

    Before that I listed my Voip Service site as my primary URL while I awaited Vonage to approve me (tick tock - time wasted).

    It would be great to know an accurate answer on this matter. I would love to hear feedback from Performics merchants (& affiliates) on this matter.

    Larry Wentz

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    I reapplied you to Cabela's. I'll go talk to the program manager for the account as well so they know that you're in the queue. I'm also going to be presenting to the entire affiliate team internally here on Monday and will be reminding them to review the site description of publishers when processing approvals for their accounts.

    Thanks once more for the feedback; we'll do our best to improve your experience with us in the future.

    Larry Adams

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