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    February 20th, 2008
    Product Search - not working?
    Anyone else having trouble with product search at CJ?

    I tried typing in a few things that I know are there, got no results. So I typed in the word vitamin just for fun, still no results....

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    What's the word? Rhia7's Avatar
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    January 13th, 2006
    I typed in "jewelry" and came up with many products.
    Be sure to set the search to "Products."

    Sometimes an individual merchant's list of products won't come up -- contact the merchant.

    CJ's search is working for me.
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    February 20th, 2008

    Thanks for checking. I checked it again and now it's working, of course! Go figure.... guess I should've just waited it out.

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    April 20th, 2005
    The product serach doesn't work for me since friday so something seems to be wrong.

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    July 18th, 2006
    Product Search tends to be flaky and will go in and out sometimes.

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    Agreed. The product search function in CJ has been having issues for a while now. Tech Services and the engineers are aware - it seems to be very random. Some affiliates, though signed up to receive and have access to an advertiser's products, can't access them and it "seems" as though the advertiser doesn't have a feed uploaded. Just contact your advertisers so that they can let CJ know asap. Hopefully it will be resolved soon! Hang in's hard for us advertisers to see this happening in CJ too!

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    January 18th, 2005
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    Product search isn't working for me and I really want to add some links. Has any body figured out a way to get them to work? Do I need to sign out and sign back in? Do I need to use a different browser window? This is so frustrating.

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    February 14th, 2007
    I'm glad it isn't just me - some of my programs return results when I do a search, others I get a blank screen - and it's mind-blowing. One merchant sent out an email with his latest deals - and I can't get to them to add the links to my site. AAAAAAAAAArgh.

    I used to like it when CJ provided a list of products and "Get Link" stuff - it's exasperating when progress with a fancy site means at least one step back.


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