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    Do merchant image watermarks affect sales?
    I notice a few merchants have their URLs sprawled across the middle of their product images as a really obtrusive "watermark". It's ugly as heck and my gut reaction is to just not promote these merchants.

    First of all, it obscures the view of the product. Geez, it's usually the pic that sells the product, why cripple it? Secondly, it looks really unprofessional.

    Do the Popshop veterans here have any observations about how these impact sales?

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    I won't use them. Individually they're ugly. When you have a whole page full of them they're horrendous.

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    I haven't encountered any of those but I can say if I did, I wouldn't promote those products. I don't include the name of the merchant in any of my styles and if the merchant name is in the title, I remove it. I'd rather someone clickthrough to get more info and give me more of a chance of getting credit for the sale.

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    I won't use them.

    On the other hand, I do have a site where I have a copyright watermark on the edge of the images (300 large photos) - but the w/m doesn't cover the image itself and it DOES match my site URL.
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    Great question.

    Since it applies to all merchant data feeds, maybe it should be moved to the Voting Booth part of the forum. So far, I have added a poll to it, but if another mod thinks it should be moved, let's move it.


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    I don't use PopShops, but I do run across this outside of PopShops. I don't have any research in this area, but my gut says that it can have a negative impact. (Of course in Beachy's example where it's his own watermark, I would expect no impact or a positive impact.)

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