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    SaS Pros and Cons for a merchant
    I keep getting told I need to sign up my company as an SaS merchant.

    Has anyone created a pros and cons list of SaS?

    I checked out the website, and it doesn't seem like a bad idea.

    I would just need something to pitch to my management about it.

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    I what I appreciate the most as an OPM with all my clients in the SAS network, I can always get someone on the phone.

    If I have ever had an issue with an affiliate performing in a less than ethical manner, the SAS team is all over it, immediately.

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    That the president of the company posts here, in an independent forum, and answers personal requests for help, speaks volumes about the quality of SAS.
    Daniel M. Clark
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    They do a good job of keeping out most of the bad affiliates. Their service is top notch. I had an urgent issue that needed to be resolved asap and called their support department. Brian answered the phone and I apoligized for ringing his extension instead of support. He told me I did call support and he answered because support was already on the phone with other customers. A couple minutes later Brian resolved the issue while on the phone with me. It's tough to beat that kind of service.
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    Nothing but great things to say about the trustworthy SAS.
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    pros -

    - Clean network
    - Attentive staff
    - Strong affiliate base
    - Trust worthy management
    - Low start up cost
    - NO hidden fees
    - You do not have to be exclusive to SAS
    - Top Notch customer service for merchants and affiliates
    - Growing network of affiliates
    - Able to build custom tools for your needs
    - Listens to and applies suggestions from Merchants and Affiliates
    - Did I mention they have a clean network?


    - Thought of as a small network because it does not have big brand name merchants. Because they are perceived by some as a small network, some larger affiliates will not work with SAS.

    - Affiliate and Merchant interfaces look old, but function perfectly.

    - I don't have this issue, but new affiliates to SAS will complain that it is tough to navigate the interface.

    - Small team, but very very efficient.
    Brent Elias
    Affiliate Manager/Acceleration-Partners
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    The merchant selection leaves something to be desired but they're a good network...I think you will get better quality affiliates there.

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    Well, I haven't signed on as a merchant, but the other day I did sign my own niche website as an affiliate.

    The click through rate of these SaS banners aren't even close to the click through rate I am getting with the banner of the in-house affiliate program from the company that I am the Affiliate Manager of.

    I found this to be rather surprising, since I put up what I thought were good comparable banners to fit the niche market I deal with.

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    If the other banners have been in place longer then its easy to understand. Banners aren't magnets and it takes time for enough traffic to notice and then decide to click. If they were all put up at the same time I would think that the site's content must favor the 'in-house' banners or that your traffic is more familiar with that service or product. It is not unusual for banners to be up for weeks without a click, depending on the relativity to your content and how much of your traffic is new vs. returning. Too many factors unknown to guess.

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    I'm an affiliate & I love the SAS network. Yes, it can be a little intimidating to a new aff, but once you learn the tools & sign up for a few datafeeds, things move quickly.

    No other networks convert for me like SAS. I consistently make sale for them - i put up a link & somebody buys. Can't say that about the other networks....

    Probably just really good merchants & we are on the same page.

    OH, and the links are nice & clean to work with! A lot of other networks hide links, cloak links and otherwise add extra code which makes it hard for my internal tracking - I can't use all that stuff- so end up either losing the sale or the stats.

    When I run across a new merchant with no aff program but a great product, I talk up SAS & often they sign up. Too bad I'm not giving them the referral link - but it's because I'm not a money hungry or just stupid, I guess. I always knock on my head when I realize I could have done that.

    just my $0.02

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