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    Hello Team,

    I first want to thank all the affiliates who have gotten active and have already started generating sales for From what you can see already, our nuts convert extremely well!

    In the spirit of this great positive response, I want to get a little “Nutty” and offer our affiliate partners a nice opportunity to make some Cash money in the month of March!

    The Cash Bonus Challenge:

    Affiliate Partners who generate a minimum of $100.00 in Sales will automatically receive a $10.00 Cash Bonus. For every $100.00 in Sales thereafter, Affiliates will receive an additonal $10.00 bonus. There are no limits to these bonuses.

    But juts to make it sweeter!

    The First Affiliate to generate $1,000.00 in Sales between March 3, 2008-March 31, 2008 will receive an additional $200.00 Cash Bonus!

    Folks, it doesn’t get any easier than this to make some extra cash with NutsOnTheNet. If you do the math and meet the 1st and 2nd Bonus Challenge, you’re looking at:

    $120.00 Commission
    $100.00 Bonus
    $200.00 Extra Cash Bonus

    Giving you a grand total of….DRUM ROLL please…..


    Not bad for asking your site visitors to try our nuts

    Bonus Challenge Criteria:

    Please note in order to qualify for the Bonus Challenge you must:

    1. A Affiliate
    2. Generate at least one click
    3. Generate these bonus challenge sales between March 3, 2008-March 31, 2008.
    4. Last but not least, have fun!

    If you haven’t joined the nuttiest Affiliate Program on the net, YOU NEED TO JOIN TODAY!

    Thanks again for all the support!

    Have a an awesome week!
    Emilio Yepez
    Affiliate Program Manager
    PH: 305 389 8955
    AIM: affiliateagle
    Follow Me On My Twitter

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    Hello team!

    Thanks to our affiliate partners for all their support!

    We just gave out hundreds in cash bonuses for last month's contest! We must be Nuts... loves to give away cash to their affiliate partners.

    Did you miss out on these bonuses?? No worries there is a new bonus giveaway for the month of April we don't want you to miss out again. Join the program and participate in the "30 Nutty Days in April Contest."
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