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    Fight fire with data?
    I left Bally's last evening and proceeded home. I was stopped by a fire truck that needed to back into the station after returning from a call. Sitting there, I started to wonder about technology and fire fighting.

    I know they have the night vision and flame temperature sensors at their disposal. What about a layout of the house they are fighting the fire in? For many houses this would be on file with the county anyway from when the house was built.

    The floor plan could be studied on the way to the fire and that way they would know exactly what they were dealing with, including possible excape routes and hiding places for scared children and pets. This also would help take the mystery out of opening the front door and going into a place they have never seen before.

    In this case, more knowledge could mean a life saved, whether it be a victim of the fire, or a firefighter trying to get back out of a bad situation.

    All of this data could be displayed on a screen inside the fire helmet. Kind of like a map in a RPG.

    Houses that don't have plans on file could have a certified sketch of the floorplan done via a small fee. This would then be uploaded to a database used only for this particular firefighting tool.

    Does anyone know if this invention already exists? Sounds like a great tool that would help save lives.


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    Wonderfull idea...........Been there.....Done that.........

    My daughter has also just started work with a large city doing some of what you describe.

    There are a few reasons why your idea has not been implemented to a greater extent............

    Departmental cooperation...that sholuld read "uncooperation"
    Short sightedness
    Lack of public interest

    As for building plans being on most places that is a joke.
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    Very good idea. You figure at the least it could simply be accessed via laptop enroute by the chief & team leaders. Even a little info could save lives.

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