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    January 17th, 2005
    Anyone know someplace where I can buy a content website? I looked in eBay but it's impossible to find anything except spam and scam replicated business sites...

    Before a content site was only good to pass some PR to the rest.. but I'm reading a lot of good stuff about AdSense in several webmaster forums and how it's turning non profit sites into big money makers

    It might be worth a try


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    Javi, it may not matter whether the site has a large amount of content or not. My shopping site seems to trigger ads that are relevant enough.

    I guess you'll just have to try it . . . if the right words are there, the right ads may show up.

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    The ads themselves are relevant even on pages that are new (0/almost 0 traffic), as long as the subject is clear.

    But until there's a decent amount of traffic, not too many people are going to see them...

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    I'd give AdSense a couple of months before investing too much money in its promise. It's still not clear how advertisers are going to react - if enough of them switch off the contextual ads, you're going to see equivalent cpms plummeting.

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    1. There are sites that offer free articles on the internet. You can publish these articles if you inlude author's signature in the end of article.

    2. You could hire a professional writer at sites like (there are better and cheaper than elance) and he/she will do a research on your topic and write as much as you want to.


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