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Company Description:
FRS Healthy Energy Drink: A new kind of Healthy Energy Drink that provides sustained energy without the Crash. Using a unique patented formula powered by Quercetin, a potent antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables. A breakthrough antioxidant energy formula, FRS contains powerful nutrients and key vitamins to help you naturally increase energy and stay healthy. Whether you're dieting, starting an exercise program, or just looking for a healthy boost, FRS can help.

About FRS and Lance Armstrong:
Lance's relationship with FRS is more than an endorsement deal, it's a partnership. After carefully reviewing the science behind the product and meeting our management team, Lance has joined our Board of Directors and chosen FRS to be the exclusive beverage he represents worldwide. FRS aligns with his lifestyle choices and what he believes in. Power your life with FRS. Learn More about FRS and Lance.

Retail presence in the following Brick and Mortor store
•Smart & Final
•Target Superstores
•Save Mart
•Food Max
•and a lot more locations which can be found using the FRS Store Locater to find the nearest store near you.

FRS Affiliate Advantage:
•A rapidly growing brand
•An Quick and Easy customer sign up process
•Established retail presence to help drive online sales
•Team dedicated to only optimizing creatives & landing pages for best conversion. Check out the landing page that all your customers will go to:
•A wide demographic appeal - Male/Female 30+
•A Dedicated and Seasoned Affiliate Manager to cater to every one of your affiliate needs

What your customers get on each FRS Healthy Energy Drink Free Trial:

1. FRS Low-Calorie Concentrate - One Bottle (1-2 weeks supply)
2. FRS Low-Calorie Powder - One box of 14 packets
3. FRS Ready To Drink - One 11.5 oz. can
4. FRS Soft Chews - One bag of 30 chews

Commission Structure:
$18 on each FREE TRIAL signup!
$22 after 20% performance increase in commission after just 50 Free Trial signups per month!

Commission Duration:
30 day



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